Hair Extensions Q & A

What amount of in-salon maintenance is needed?

We normally suggest that you return to the salon for a follow up visit about 2 to 4 weeks after your hair extensions are applied. At your appointment, your stylist will check to make sure that the extensions are still in excellent condition, and you can ask any questions that you may have about proper home maintenance. Other maintenance check appointments are recommended every few months.

What kind of brush do I need for extensions?

A loop or special bristle brush is recommended for hair extensions. A regular brush will not produce the same results, and certain brushes can actually end up damaging your hair.

When brushing, always work from the ends upward to the roots. Brushing your hair gently on a regular basis is crucial to prevent tangles.

What type of hair care products can I use on extensions?

Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are excellent for hair extensions. Sulfate-free products will cleanse your hair gently without stripping away moisture and shine. Never use over the counter grocery store brand shampoos. Oil based products should be avoided as well. Oil can affect the strength of the keratin bonds.

Can I curl or straighten my hair with heat?

Yes, all heat styling tools can be used on your hair. Just like normal hair, however, high heat can lead to damage and cause your hair to become dry and dehydrated. Therefore low heat and the use of a thermal protector is recommended. When using curling wands and flat irons, avoid using them near the bonds and this will ensure that they do not also become damaged. It’s also a good idea to avoid overly hot water for showers and shampoos for the same reason. If you plan a trip to a tanning bed, make sure to cover your hair to protect it from direct rays, and then give your hair time to cool off afterwards before brushing.

What about swimming in the pool or ocean?

Chlorine and pool chemicals are not good for anyone’s hair, and you’ll want to take especially good care of your extensions. If you do swim in the pool or ocean, rinse your hair with regular water before getting in. This will prevent your hair from absorbing as much chlorine or salt. As soon as you get out of the pool or ocean, shampoo your hair and condition to remove all of the chemicals.

How do you remove extensions?

When you’re ready to have your extensions removed or adjusted, one of our stylists can gently remove them with no damage to your natural hair. During removal, a gentle solution and professional tool is used. There is no hair loss during the process. You should not attempt to remove them on your own.