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Level 6 Stylist | Co-Owner | Manager | Redken Certified Designer

What's your favorite thing to do on a day off?

Take care of myself—practice self-care, go to the gym, do yoga... and cuddle with my dogs!

What's an item on your bucket list?

Traveling to Australia! I want to get up close and personal with all the wildlife and culture, especially the kangaroos, koalas, and marine life. I also look forward to relaxing on the beautiful beaches and visiting the Sydney Opera House.

What do you love most about Image Is? Its supportive and growth-oriented environment. Thanks to Image Is, I have grown more than I ever thought I could—financially, mentally, and emotionally. I love being able to provide that for my team.

What makes your guest experience special?

My ability to connect with any and all people provides a deep understanding of my guests’ needs. Being a natural empath is a gift I use behind the chair to listen and provide my guests with what they desire while also educating and teaching them how to care for their look.

LOVES: Balayage ($119+) | Precision Cuts ($79+) | Special Occassion Styles ($109+)