Emma Garland.jpg


Guest Service Expert | Apprentice Stylist | Bridal Coordinator

What's your favorite thing to do on a day off?

Go on day trips exploring or stay in with my dog and watch movies.

What's an item on your bucket list?

Travel somewhere tropical and take my first flight. I love beaches and have never been to one besides the East Coast, so I would love to see some clear tropical water. My ultimate dream is to one day live at the beach, waking up every morning to salty ocean air and the beautiful ocean view.

What do you love most about Image Is Salon?

How encouraging and uplifting the team is. Instead of competing against one another, we celebrate each other, inspire each other, and can always count on each other when in need, whether it's personal or professional. We are all very loving here.

What makes your guest experience special?

I like to think my positivity and ability to give advice without judgement gives our guests a special experience. I want everyone to feel warm, welcomed, and their authentic self around me. I try my best to embrace everyone with open arms.